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December 27, 2012
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Eggman's Trap V.2 by BabyMilesTailsPrower Eggman's Trap V.2 by BabyMilesTailsPrower
Based off my older picture with the same title: [link]

I mainly did this because I wasn't really happy with how they came out in the last picture, so in this one made some improvements to the characters.

For Sonic: I felt that he just wouldn't just be sitting teary eyed at what happened, I think he'd still be smug and all like "Come on Egghead, do you really think this will stop me?"

For Tails: While in the last picture I can see him crying at the situation, in this version I wanted him to be upset and kinda confused at what just happened.

For Knuckles: I can see him being all angry like in the last picture, but I can see him being all pouty as well, so went with that. (Still kinda not to happy with how Knux came out, but out of 7 sketches this one came out the best.)

As for their ages: Knuckles is 4 years old, Sonic is 3 years old and Tails is just 1 year old.

Why the lack of Eggman in this picture: I wanted to put him in this but based on how the characters are looking in this picture, I feel that they're looking at him off screen, plus he just wasn't coming out right and didn't want to put a side panel just to show him.

Anyway hope you enjoy. ^^
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it seems that sonic's diaper is full eww 
BabyMilesTailsPrower Jan 4, 2014   Digital Artist
Nah. XD They're training pants and only look like that cos I stink at drawing them. ^^;
lol ok^^
*sees Team Sonic* Oh, how precious. *kneels down and smiles at Sonic and Tails* Well, hello there, little Sonic. *Picks up Sonic and hugs him* Aww, you're such a cute little hedgehog, aren't you? *tickles Sonic's Tummy* Cootchie-goo-goo!
MaxJadeKitsuneFox Jul 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Aww tails is his cute little self and sonic still hasn't changed
BabyMilesTailsPrower Aug 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Hehe yep yep. X3 I'm a lot happier with this version then the first as I felt I did a better job capturing everyones personally better in this one. ^_^ 
MaxJadeKitsuneFox Aug 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
TUFFPuppyFan93 Apr 8, 2013  Student Artist
LOL. I can totally see this being an episode if they kept airing the show. XD

I love how Knuckles turned out. Even as a baby he's still the adorable echidna we all know and love. x3
Knuckles: AM NOT!!! :angered:

Sonic turned out adorable as well. His expression pretty much explains his personality: He's always confident that he'll always win. :giggle:

Tails' expression just makes me squeal. He looks so innocently confused; it's just too much for a Sonic X fangirl like me to handle. :meow:
Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you very much. ^_^ Glad to see people like this picture this much. X3
Even as a baby, Knuckles is pissed.
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